What is Out of the Blues?

Offering Postnatal Depression support in Dubai and the UAE. “Out of the Blues” is a non-profit support network run by mums for mums suffering from the baby blues, Antenatal Depression,  PND (Postnatal Depression) and other forms of depressive illnesses throughout the UAE. We are expat mums who have experienced PND and together we are determined to help the other mums in their “hour of need”. No one need suffer alone. We are here to offer non-judgmental support and information. Postnatal Depression is a recognised and treatable condition. It can affect any mother, regardless of nationality, and can begin as soon as your baby is born, though is not often diagnosed until later on. If you think you or someone you know could be suffering with PND or if you are living with someone suffering and would like some support yourself, please get in touch. Everything is treated as confidential. Our email, forum and Facebook page are set up so that women can share their thoughts, worries or stories safely and we will reply within 24 hours, guaranteed. Although we are not counsellors we have experienced PND in our own way and we do understand. We came through it; are stronger for it and are determined not to let others suffer alone.

  •  Come to our weekly Coffee Mornings currently being held in Dubai
  •  Contact us on Facebook via our member’s only page ‘Out of the Blues’ or ‘Out of the Blues Fathers’
  •  Email us directly on outofthebluesdubai@gmail.com

It truly helps to share your feelings and realise that you are not alone and that you will get better. We will listen without prejudice or judgement.

Time Out Dubai Kids Awards 2015 - Shortlisted - Special Recognition for Pre and Post Natal CareTime Out Dubai Kids Awards 2015 - Winner - Special Recognition for Pre and Post Natal Care