Surviving Postnatal Depression

Whilst going through this difficult period there are some things that you can do which will help make this an easier time. First remember that PND isn’t forever it does pass with time but you must be kind to yourself.

Try to take a little time to exercise. Exercising can reduce stress levels and will give you a feel good factor. Encourage your partner to exercise too. Maybe you could join a class or the gym or even just go for a walk.

Eat regularly and healthily, please see our page on nutrition for tips on eating well for PND. Sometimes you may not feel like eating but it is important to ensure you take care of yourself and to keep up your energy levels it is important you eat regularly.

Talk! Talk to each other and others. It is very important that you express how you feel and that you listen to your partner PND can have an impact on the entire family and it is important that you work together talk and listen to each other to get through it.

Take advantage of the groups and support that are available to you. When your ready take your child to play groups, mothers and toddlers etc. This will stop you from feeling isolated.

Sleep, whilst it can be difficult to get enough rest with a new born. Try to ensure that both you and your partner has enough sleep and rest. Try having a nap when the baby sleeping if you can.

Time out
Spend time with others and family, don’t become isolated. Arrange for someone to look after your baby if you can, to enable you and your partner to spend some time together but also encourage your partner to have baby so that you can have time to yourself.

Do something for you
Do something you enjoy at least once a day. Plan this in to your day. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Eg: Watch a TV programme you enjoy, cook a meal if you like cooking, chat to a friend on the phone if you enjoy this. Basically do something for you.

House work
Instead of worrying about cleaning the whole house, set yourself daily tasks to achieve. This will help you feel less pressured.

Just remember this is a difficult time which you will get through.